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On January 2, 2016 By

Once again winter is upon us. For some of us it is a time for outdoor fun, frolicking in the snow and participating in, or watching, winter sports. For others it is the season of blah. And for a few, winter is just a challenge to survive. They are not alone. When it comes to [...]

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Education doesn’t have to be boring. Real learning is interest-based and curiosity-driven. It’s also a life-long process. Here is something that piqued my curiosity: the facts about fur, fur trade and wildlife conservation. I learned about that at a conference of Nature Canada and Ontario Nature in North Bay, way back in 2006. It is [...]

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On June 29, 2015 By

Summer brings longer daylight hours, luscious growth, an abundance of food for all in the animal world, and plenty of everything, including bugs, mosquitoes and – well, rabbits, those carrot- and grass-loving critters, both renowned and disparaged for their fecundity. Most of us never give much thought to rabbits. That is why I was delighted [...]

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After a long, snowy and bitterly cold winter, Spring has arrived. The snow is gone, the daylight is longer, the temperature is going up, the first Spring flowers are out, migrants are returning, and the birds are singing – indeed Spring has sprung; a good time to recall a few facts about our homeland. Canada, [...]

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Nature Above the City

On December 30, 2014 By

Happy New Year to everyone! Winter and snow are with us – and this is a good time for a healthy and invigorating walk. Why not start in the Rouge Valley? Or any city park? It is a good time to look up – way up – and think about nature above the city. Clouds, [...]

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On September 30, 2014 By

Next time you take a breath, be sure to thank a tree. From coast to coast, trees are a source of national pride for us Canadians. In 1982 the Japanese adopted a concept called Shinrin-yoku (“forest bathing”) that concentrates on breathing fresh air on a hike through forests. In its essence it means taking in [...]

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