Just as winter drives many of the city’s winged inhabitants south, it also brings in some hardy northerners. Of these cold-season visitors, the Dark-eyed juncos are the most familiar. They fly in on early autumn cold fronts from remote spruce-birch forest clearings. These slate-gray, white-bellied and pale-beaked birds form flocks of 10-30 ground-foraging groups. Like [...]

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Autumn is a time for winding down. The hot summer is behind us, and with the cooler days and shorter daylight hours nature is changing, evoking brilliant colours on the leaves of deciduous trees, changing animal behaviour, and slowly preparing for the winter ahead.

The last of this year’s Western garter snake offspring are just [...]

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On July 8, 2013 By

It is bug season again! Welcome to summer! Enjoy it – and don’t let it bug you.

There are good bugs and bad bugs, as well as beetles and bed bugs. All the insects have their important place in the ecosystems that sustain us. Most of them perform a host of beneficial activities, such as [...]

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Those Darling Owls

On January 3, 2013 By

Happy New Year to everyone!. Hope you had a great holiday and a healthy transfer into 2013.

Winter is a good time to think about owls. Have you ever come face-to-face with an owl? If you are lucky enough to see one of these darling creatures up close you begin to understand how fascinating these [...]

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