Murrision Enclave Restoration


This project was designed to restore a fallow farm site within the Rouge watershed by complementing the Rouge Park’s visions and guidelines in reconnecting fragmented woodlands, and enhancing wildlife habitat. The inspiration for this project involved creating a young forest adjacent to a mature forest, expanding existing woodlands and riparian cover and improving habitat conditions, primarily for area –sensitive species that are most vulnerable to edge effects and require better quality of core habitat.  School and community groups were involved in planting the trees and shrubs, and simultaneously benefited from the educational components of the project, such as on-site practical training.

3035 trees and shrubs have been planted on the site. Over 300 elementary students from Grades 1 to 6 participated in the planting events. Additional adult volunteers from partnering organizations and school supervisors also participated through planting, helping with event organization or field supervision and planting guides.