14th Avenue Restoration – Phase 1


The purpose of this restoration project is to re-establish woody native plants (trees & shrubs) in the open space between existing woodland fragments along the riparian corridor of the Little Rouge River. In addition to restoring forest cover in the river corridor, this restoration will help create large blocks of continuous forest cover and a concentration of native forest to help combat the spread of exotic species. There are many forest fragments along the Little Rouge River corridor. This project fulfills the long-term vision in which the rescue of the Little Rouge River corridor is a top priority for the Rouge Park.

This planting expanded exiting forests along sections of the Little Rouge River. By increasing the forest cover, more interior forest habitats (which is in short supply) will be created, which will favor less common wildlife species. The diversity of native flora will also be enhanced.

a) Approximately 7 acres total of green space were be restored, and around 7,500 trees and shrubs were be planted providing buffers, and habitat for wildlife.

b) 5-8 days of practical outdoor learning was provided for a number of school students in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum.

c) An opportunity for on-site educational experience including reforestation techniques & soil amendment techniques; as well as wetland, woodland and riparian studies is present.

d) This project hopes to inspire students through and develop within them, a conscience for conservation.